Superior Smiles loves to hear from our clients. The feedback assures us we are continuing to provide the quality of care or clients desire and deserve. The whole staff at Superior Smiles values your opinion and will work to make your visits with us the most pleasurable dental experience possible. Thank you for putting your trust in us!

Below is a sampling of the Testimonials, along with Thank You Notes and Cards we have received from our loyal customers:


"Dr. Janell Kenny's family dentistry will make your smile light up a room! She is simply the best and I wouldn't trust my teeth with anyone else."

Nancy Lieberman
Basketball Hall of Famer

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"Dr. Moran-Kenny has been the dentist by choice for my family for over a decade. The quality of her work speaks to her dedication every time we smile. Her integrity, warm manner and calm responsiveness to our occasional emergencies through the years have meant the world to me. She is a great mom too! "

L. Apgar

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"Dr. Moran-Kenny and staff are absolutely first class in treatment and I have never been detained in the waiting room over 5 minutes. I have known Dr. Moran-Kenny since high school and I can truly say that her honesty and integrity are beyond reproach."

Tony Austin
Managing Director
Westdale Asset Management

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"I am a retired Airborne Ranger, and I have had dental work done here and overseas. Every time I went to the dentist I would be in fear, because most of the time the dentist would hurt me. Dr. Moran-Kenny took her time with me, and assured me that it wouldn't hurt. She has the most wonderful gentle touch. She replaced old crowns on my front teeth that were yellow and old looking. I love my new look.

Thanks Dr. Moran-Kenny... Dental phobia no more!"

P. Durant

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"Dr. Moran-Kenny is the best dentist ever!! I am a dental hygienist with 13 years experience. I have worked with many dentist and in different dental settings, from private practice to non profit organizations, and I can assure you her work is just beautiful. I had the pleasure of working for Dr. Moran-Kenny, and not long after I started working there I became a patient too. She did porcelain veneers on my teeth, which helped my smile tremendously. Not a day goes by without a patient asking me wow you have beautiful teeth, did you have braces? My answer is no! (shhh... I was just blessed with beautiful straight, white teeth)... That's my story...haha! I work far from there now, but I continue to refer friends and family to her. The most gentle, sensitive, and precise dentist... She is the best."

I. Mendoza

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"I initially contacted Dr. Moran-Kenny to get a second opinion, because she was my stepfather's dentist. I had been suffering with TMJ and my dentist had been suggested to me that opening up my bite by raising the height of my teeth with crowns might help. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Moran-Kenny's understanding of my problem and her suggestions as to what a difference it might make not just with the TMJ but with my appearance. My teeth over the years had worn down so much that when I smiled, I kept my mouth closed. Dr. Moran-Kenny explained how the procedure would not only open up my bite but my teeth would add to my smile. I was sold on her ideas and immediately began making my appointments with her. Even though I had extremely extensive work done, I was never uncomfortable at all during any of the procedures. She was even able to combine some of the appointments making the whole thing go much faster.

The outcome was amazing. For the first time that I can remember, people commented on my smile. My daughter-in-law mentioned that this was the first time she had ever seen me smile with my mouth open. I even had one friend asked me if I had gotten a face lift! Who knew that a full smile with white straight teeth could make such a difference. Since having all the initial work done, my TMJ has all but gone away. Dr. Moran-Kenny has also done several root canals for me and I visit her office team for cleaning every three months. I love the office staff. They are very efficient and pleasant, making the regular check-up routine a breeze. I am sold on Dr. Moran-Kenny and recommend her to anyone who needs any kind of dentistry!!"

Susan Keyes

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Just wanted to express my thoughts about your office...

    Q: What makes me choose to seek dental care in your offices?
    A: First and foremost YOU, you have the most gentle touched that I don't even feel pain at all when you work on my teeth.

    Q: How I feel about the quality of dentistry?
    A: EXCELLENT! You and your staff are very committed to make sure that my whole dental health is always in good, excellent condition.

    Q: Positive nature of past experiences here?
    A: ALWAYS! Has been a great experience to the point that I never make excuses for not going to the dentist because I know I will feel very good after each appointment.

Janell, I truly appreciate you and your staff and I do thank you for being my dentist and my friend for all of these years that we have known each other.

Bertha Outler

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"I personally will never leave the care of Dr. Kenny (and I hope that she never retires!).

Here's my story..........Dr. Kenny did some extensive work for me, including several crowns, in the years 2000-2004. Everything that she did was painless and looked beautiful. I still had a couple more crowns that needed to be done when my employer changed insurances. I suddenly had to go to a dentist on a list!!!!! I thought that I had no choice. I chose a dentist on that list and the nightmare began. He did one crown and two fillings that never felt right for one minute. The actual procedures themselves were painful and the work looked awful. In 2006, I returned to Dr. Kenny and paid her out of my own pocket to redo everything he had done. It now feels great and looks great. I will never again allow insurance to dictate who takes care of my mouth!!!!! Dr. Kenny will always be my dentist and I am so grateful to her for helping me get comfortable again."

C. W.

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"My visits with Dr. Moran-Kenny were pain free and I knew that I was receiving quality dental care. She takes her time and it never felt like the care was being rushed or delegated. I have since moved to Houston for graduate school and have decided that I will be driving up to see her for everything from cleanings to crowns. I only have one set of teeth and I only trust them to Dr. Kenny."

A. Bezusko

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Thank You Notes

Dr. Moran-Kenny,

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day last week to answer a couple of questions for me regarding dental implants for one of our associates. Both your and Mary's professionalism was superb and strengthens my belief that I personally seek services from the best in dentistry.


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Thank you Janell,

You're so skillful!

Life with my mended tooth is so much nicer! You did a great job and I am so grateful.

With all best wishes,


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Thanks so much for all your hard work! It's not often a gal wants to thank her dentist!!! Thanks for letting me bring Sebastian too!



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Dear Dr. Moran-Kenny,

Thank you for the emergency repair of Benjamin's front teeth Friday. Your prompt response to the page and work to put his front teeth together was greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


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Dr. Moran-Kenny,

A special note to thank you for my wonderful, beautiful teeth. I love them. In addition, you and your entire staff make it pleasant to go to the dentist.

Thanks again,


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Dr. Moran-Kenny,

Just wanted to write a quick note of thanks for your excellent treatment over the past 2 years. The quality of service and kindness of you and your staff has enabled me to overcome some of my dental fears. Now that we are moving to California I hope I can find a dentist with at least half of your competence.



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Just wanted to say "thank you" for my pleasurable dental visit last week. I appreciate the great service and information you and your staff gave to me.


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Dr. Moran-Kenny,

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I appreciate the service you and your office staff gave me. It has given me a whole new outlook on going to the dentist. I had a great experience at Dr. Gaines office as well.


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Thank you, Dr. Moran-Kenny, for giving my teeth a few more years of wear.

You always make me feel good about my teeth as you do those little things that make them look better too. I've always considered you an artist as well.

Thought you should know I do appreciate my dentist.

I thank you for helping Wayne as well.

Sincerely, in appreciation,


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Dr. Moran-Kenny,

I just wanted to drop you all a quick note to thank you for seeing me so quickly regarding when my wisdom teeth were giving me problems. I really appreciate it. My Thanksgiving will be much more pleasant!!

Thank you also for recommending Dr. Banta. He and his staff were fantastic.

Have a great holiday.


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Dear Janell,

Thank you so very much for taking care of dad's denture - a 2nd time!

Your caring attitude and quick response has been greatly appreciated. He always enjoys seeing you, so I've questioned whether or not he intentionally "misplaces" them! He is a sly one.

Thank you again. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and know you have helped someone else enjoy theirs!

Have a great holiday.


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Dear Dr. Moran-Kenny,

Thank you for your kind letter and coffee mug. I am grateful to you and (name withheld), who recommended you.

I have found your office staff to be efficient and knowledgeable. I appreciate that you and your staff file insurance claims for the work that you do for me. I also appreciate that you do all of the work on my teeth and consequently do not refer me to other specialist. The services that you and your staff provide give me one stop care for my dental needs that save me time and money.

I look forward to my next appointment.


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You brightened the day in the nicest way!

Just a note to thank you and your staff for all the kindness and help.


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Dr. Moran-Kenny

Once again, Thank You. You and your staff are Wonderful. Mary and Norma were very helpful and pleasant. Mary in making sure I had an appointment. Norma helped me relax by talking to me.

You have a great staff and are a great dentist.

I consider myself lucky to be your patient.



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Dr. Moran-Kenny

I want to be "President of your Fan Club!!"

Thanks You!!!,


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